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Riley Park is a heavily used, intergenerational, regional jewel in Calgary’s green inventory. It attracts people from every quadrant of the city.

The many activities in Riley Park include cricket, walking, dog training, children in the playground and pool, Frisbee and music playing, kite-flying, tight-rope balancers and hoola hoops, picnics with dozens of family members, flower admirers, wedding and nature photography, sun-bathers, cross-country skiers, and short cutters to school and the Sunnyside LRT Station.

Yet, for all Riley Park’s users the only drinking water source has been from a silver bowl in the pool area, accessible through one small gate, only during the pool’s limited open times, in a ‘no dogs allowed’ area.

The only drinking water in Riley Park comes from here, a few weeks per summer.

Now, imagine a beautiful drinking fountain accessible to all of every activity and demographic. A drinking fountain near the new bandstand would send a message the community cares about health, the environment, and nature. Water ensures adequate hydration that isn’t a sweet drink. Available water reduces the cups and bottles tossed along the fence or wasted in landfill. Bottled water is not sustainable. Also, a beautiful solution is its own attraction, like a sculpture garden is an attraction.

Approximately 1700 residents have moved into our community in the past four years. Additional condo developments will further increase density. That’s a lot of thirsty people in welcoming Riley Park; there’s more need than ever for public amenities.

Water for Riley connects sports, youth, students, seniors, homeless, arts, and families to build a fountain that’s local from start to finish. A contest to design and build the fountain will include the students of SAIT and/or ACAD rather than the City’s usual procurement or bidding processes.

We invite you to participate as a volunteer organizer, fund raiser, donors, sponsor, or any other role. To donate, click this button that links to the Parks donate buttonFoundation Calgary, and specify the project is Water for Riley. Thank you.
To learn more, send us an email with your contact information.