Riley Park drinking fountain will have an artistic design

Exciting drinking fountain design challenge

It’s confirmed. Over two dozen student designs from ACAD, SAIT and Hillhurst Elementary School students will submit designs. A jury will select a shortlist to forward to IBI Group. The experts at IBI Group will review those to ensure the designs meet engineering standards. The final design selection will result in a drinking fountain near the children’s playground, hopefully before the end of 2016.

We are soliciting donations for the drinking fountain

Water for Riley is based on five core principles:

Health: Riley Park attracts people and pets from all Calgary to enjoy cricket, paths, playground and pool, picnics, benches, wedding and nature photography, and open space, and soon, a bandstand. Park users must leave when they’re thirsty, or bring bottled water, or sweet or caffeinated drinks. After the fountain is installed, children can stay hydrated to play.

Environment: We find disposable cups and bottles discarded in the trash or bushes, and littering the fence line. It’s an unsustainable waste of resources.

Community building: The message the drinking fountain sends is that the community cares. The project connects sports, youth, students from three neighbouring institutions, seniors, homeless, arts, businesses and families around a fountain that’s both community-based and accessible to all Calgarians.

Kensington BRZ and local businesses: Attractions attract. A concrete block fountain with a plain silver bowl, made in the USA and available in bulk, would not attract visitors to Riley Park. The BRZ works hard to make our community a visitors’ destination. Water for Riley supports that goal.

History: Riley Park is a unique historic and cultural resource.

Ezra Riley donates land to City of Calgary for Riley Park, 1910.

Art is subjective, and not everyone agrees on it. We have many stakeholders with opinions. All the designs will be displayed, and the jury, with IBI Group’s expert guidance and City of Calgary’s Parks and Heritage Department input, will decide which design is built. Our task is to raise the funds. Details of the design display will be announced in the coming months.

For all these reasons, we’re making the effort to improve the facilities of our beloved and well-used Riley Park. We invite you to participate as a volunteer organizer, fundraiser, donor, sponsor, or any other role. To learn more, send us an email and give your contact information.

Donations, tax receipts issued, can be made at The Parks Foundation Calgary. Specify the project is Water for Riley.