Seeking jury member to represent the community

We need community representatives on the jury.

It could be you.

We’ve made significant progress towards a drinking fountain for Riley Park. One task is to constitute a jury to select the “winning” design from approximately two dozen submissions.

How exciting are the designs so far? 

Five volunteers attended Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) to hear 19 students present their original, creative fountain designs. Our expectations were reasonable. After all, these were students, not professionals or experts. However, the spectacular quality and amazing creative variety blew us away.

Who do we need as a jury member? 

We seek a community resident who understands the needs and sensibility of our community and who uses our wonderful Riley Park.

What’s involved in volunteering as a jury member? 

It’s a three day commitment between 31 March and 31 May, 2016. You will spend one day reviewing and making notes on all the design submissions in preparation for the jury’s meeting in round one.

How will the process work? 

Round one considers the rankings and selects the top three (minimum) to five (maximum) for professional technical feedback from, for example, an engineer and landscape architect at IBI Group. After that review from a technical stand point, IBI Group experts will return the designs with feedback and suggestions.

During round two, the jury will meet to consider that expert technical feedback and use the suggestions to select which design will be built for Riley Park. All submissions will be ranked using a matrix that grades how well the design meets community, historical, environmental needs and other criteria.

How to put your name forward as a potential jury member.

Please send an email to with one paragraph (250 words) explaining the reasons you want to be on the jury and what personal qualities and credentials you would contribute to the decision-making process. The deadline to submit your name, or someone else’s (with their permission please), is Dec. 31, 2015.

How else can you be involved?

We invite everyone to participate as a volunteer organizer, fundraiser, donor, sponsor, or any other role. Contact us

Donations, tax receipts issued, can be made through the Parks Foundation donate buttonCalgary. Click the button and please specify you support Water for Riley.

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