The collective impacts are bigger than drinking water

It isn’t just about water

Our belief that Riley Park, a jewel in Calgary’s urban green inventory, deserves a beautiful drinking fountain as a funded priority is based on five crucial principles:

  1. Health: Active users of Riley Park currently must leave if they’re thirsty, or bring bottled water, or sweet or caffeinated drinks.
  2. Environment: We find disposable cups and bottles discarded in the trash or bushes, and littering the fence line. It’s an unsustainable waste of resources.
  3. Community building: The message the project sends is the community cares, with a drinking fountain that’s both community-based and accessible to all. This project is entirely community driven and managed.
  4. Economic well being of Kensington BRZ and local businesses: Attractions attract. The BRZ works hard to make our community a visitors’ destination. An artistic drinking fountain supports that goal.
  5. Other collective benefits of this project to our community and the city include:
    • connect people to place, encourage eyes on the street,
    • increase energy for volunteerism,
    • make everyone stewards of their park,
    • facilitate the enjoyment of nature in a dense urban space, increase awareness of our urban environment,
    • knowledge that Riley Park is a designated historic resource,
    • improved access to outdoor activities thereby improving quality of life and health,
    • reduction in waste and litter as water bottles can be refilled,
    • expand community ownership to students who had not ventured down the hill into Riley Park until this project,
    • crime reduction with families in the park,
    • the energy of community engagement inspiring students to be problem solvers, and
    • the thrill of design replacing a concrete block mentality.

Be part of the excitement. Please volunteer, donate or email us with questions. To donate donate buttonthrough the Parks Foundation Calgary, please click the button. Specify the project is Water for Riley.