The drinking fountain designs were a cultural program

What a remarkable group of women and children gathered March 3, 2016. As an inclusive community, Hillhurst Sunnyside welcomes women and children in specialized housing services. Family Resource Centres serve as community hubs for programs in the specialized housing. Since a Family Resource Centre is located near Riley Park, the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association invited the ACAD poster exhibit to a program. The poster exhibit showed up in style.

Among other topics, the women discussed their different cultures, and the spiritual importance of water in world cultures, especially for women. All of the women and their children had been to Riley Park. They had huge smiles as they talked about the playground. Each of them agreed they’d experienced thirst while at the playground, and that a drinking fountain is needed for health.

After a delicious feast of ethnic foods, the beautiful children played and their mothers viewed the ACAD student designs.

Viewers had no trouble selecting their preferred design.
WINS display
Viewers discussed the cultural and spiritual roles of water to women.

Water for Riley is proud to visit the Family Resource Centre that, according to its website: “provide families with barrier free access to essential programs, services and resources that improve wellbeing.”

Water for Riley is all for wellbeing, and the drinking fountain is a barrier free essential service. We parted with new friends of the fountain.

To get involved with Water for Riley, call 403 862 1923 or email us. Please click the button to donate  through the Parks Foundation to our beautiful drinking fountain, whichever design it will be. Specify your donation is for Water for Riley.

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