Water for Riley has a dream

The big reveal

Water for Riley gratefully acknowledges the Calgary Foundation for its Stepping Stone Grant  to support the January 18, 2017, celebration of the jury’s final decision.

A volunteer planning committee is organizing the gathering at ACAD. Stay tuned for the details of this event where that big design announcement will be revealed.

Which one of these exciting student designs for Riley Park?


What happens in Riley Park on a warm day?

Children play and wade in the pool, families spread their picnics, cricketeers run on the pitch, teenagers enjoy music, walkers appreciate the flowers, and people toss frisbees to dogs. At every stage of life, we benefit from nature and outdoor activity. And we become thirsty in the process.

Water for Riley’s dream is to:

  1. Provide drinking water to keep Riley Park users healthy and active.
  2. Engage community in a unique, creative, legacy project that has cumulative, spinoff impacts.


In the past year Water for Riley has brought together elementary and post secondary students, community members, shelter residents, politicians, local and regional park users and businesses.

Imagine children having accessible water when their play makes them thirsty. Envision a traveling sculpture garden the fountain could attract. A beautiful, artistic, functional drinking fountain in Riley Park would be a boost to our vibrant community, opening almost unlimited creative possibilities for the coming years.

The next steps

This announcement will close phase two of the W4R process.

Phase three is fundraising to fabricate the drinking fountain. W4R has identified 13 possible fundraising approaches for 2017.

Phase four, the construction and installation, depends on the fundraising success.

If you are able to help with this or another of the upcoming events, please call 403 862 1923. Let’s discuss which of these volunteer committees’ activities is right for you. Be part of all that makes this park so special.

To donate, go to the Parks Foundation site. Once at that site, please indicate your donation is for Water for Riley Park.

Thank you to The Calgary Foundation, wonderful W4R volunteers, five anonymous jurors, jury chair Sally Truss, and ACAD, among others.



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