More expertise joins Water for Riley volunteers

Three brilliant new resources for Water for Riley

New people have come forward to help move Water for Riley towards the goal of a drinking fountain in Riley Park. Thank you; the community and City thrive with volunteers.

Michelle Vincent, who recently moved into the heart of Kensington, is the new genius behind the fundraising efforts. Stay tuned for news about events.

Michelle is the new lead in phase four of the W4R process.

Another contact is Rachael Seupersad, Superintendent of Public Art with the City of Calgary. At a meeting with W4R on March 1, 2017, Rachael offered wonderful ideas for achieving W4R goals.

Ideas flowed like water when Gena Rotstein, CEO of Place2Give Foundation and Rachael Seupersad, Superintendent of Public Art, met with W4R volunteers.

Rachael also asked a great question: Is the winning design public art or is it a public drinking fountain? We say it’s both.

What do you think? Is it art or is it just for drinking water or is it more than both of those labels?

Next, W4R volunteers met on March 13, 2017, with Patti Pon, President and CEO of Calgary Arts Development. Patti had many useful leads and suggestions, all of which W4R can implement immediately.

Gena, CEO of and Patti Pon, President & CEO of Calgary Arts Development

More importantly, Patti inspired us to continue the intensive community engagement approach, because W4R exemplifies her definition: “Community engagement is a way of being not something you do.”

To get involved with W4R, call 403 862 1923. To help make the drinking fountain a reality, donate through the Parks Foundation Calgary, and let it know that your donation is for the Water for Riley project. 

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