Is the finish line in sight?

The two remaining tasks take shape

  1. Task #1 is fundraising to complete the drinking fountain project. We have had several interesting prospect meetings, and more are booked.
  2. Task #2 is project managing the fabrication of the drinking fountain.

Meanwhile, we continue engaging with W4R’s wonderful partners:

ACAD is exploring an opportunity, subject to its own resource pressures, which intrigues Water for Riley volunteers. 19 September, 2017, we met with new ACAD staff member, Marion Garden, and ACAD teacher and W4R champion, Kerry Harmer. Kerry shared the reasons that Riley Park matters and deserves a blockbuster, public art, drinking fountain. Marion was interested in the process W4R used to bring institutions together and build community around the project.

W4R’s story is so inspiring that Marion wants to help. Her idea is fascinating. From early in the project the community engagement process has been thick and rich, and ACAD videographers tagged alone with equipment. Huge, raw data files are now cached in ACAD’s computers. Marion is exploring how to cull the footage and shape the story of how students designed the drinking fountain. This will be a long term collaborative project for ACAD.

Marion and Kerry at ACAD meeting, 19 Sept 2017
Marion Garden, new Director, Marketing & Communications, Alberta College of Art + Design and Kerry Harmer, teacher and mentor of student designers.

The drinking fountain prototype is slotted into a queue:

18 October 2017, Water for Riley volunteers met the consultants again, this time to see the fabricator’s scheduling plan, and identify the right people to answer the more detailed and technical questions. The meeting goal was to nail down the information needed to proceed with the Design Assist phase.

W4R and consultants meet with a full agenda to discuss
Heavy Industries created the Plan Assist, which focused the team members on how the project will unfold and tasks for each step.
Gregory Courage (Heavy Industries), Michelle Vincent, W4R volunteer, Amanda Polini and Prasad Ganesan (IBI Group), and Kevin Poole and Connor Hayduk (Heavy Industries).

From the meeting, we have a better idea of what we don’t yet know that the Design Assist will reveal and what questions to ask. IBI Group has already connected with City of Calgary staff to get key information.

The project is getting down to the technical details.

Now, we wait for the answers to become clear, which, by Heavy Industries’ estimate, is four to five months.

None of this would happen without the wonderful funders who supply the money to pay for the fountain. We are especially grateful to The Calgary Foundation for its incredible support.

Be part of Calgary’s public art legacy;
for Riley Park, for you, and for the future.

Donate to make this vision become reality. At the instructions to seller page, specify that your support is for Water for Riley project. The Parks Foundation issues tax receipts for donations greater than $10.00.

We invite everyone to participate as a volunteer organizer, fundraiser, donor, sponsor, or any other role. Call 403 862 1923 and leave your contact information.