Updating neighbours on progress

Community engagement is Water for Riley’s core value

Water for Riley’s (W4R) volunteer organizing committee is committed to engaging a wide range of communities. It’s important to keep groups and individuals with an interest in Riley Park up to date on progress. We’re closing on the goal of getting a beautiful, functional, artistic drinking fountain for Riley Park’s active users.

This week W4R volunteers checked in with Riley Park neighbours

The Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association (HSCA) has a new Executive Director, Karen Gallagher-Burt. W4R was happy to meet with Karen to introduce the project, and delighted that she was already well informed about it. Karen said: “Water for Riley is a very good news story.”

From the start, Water for Riley has been an ad hoc subcommittee of HSCA’s Community Planning Committee (CPC), reporting to the Chair of the CPC, Robert McKercher. Robert always gives sage advice, so it was nice to report on W4R’s status and get his feedback.

Karen Gallagher-Burt, E.D. of the HSCA, and Robert McKercher, Chair of the CPC
Karen Gallagher-Burt, E.D. of the HSCA, and Robert McKercher, Chair of the CPC, met with W4R volunteer, Deborah Sword.

This week W4R volunteers checked in with Riley Park future neighbours

The Grace Hospital, north of Riley Park’s 10 Ave N.W. boundary and East of 14 St. N.W., has been purchased for redevelopment. The owner now is Northwest Healthcare Properties (NWHP), with big plans for a mixed-use development on the site.

W4R met with Terry Schmitt, NWHP Regional General Manager, Western Canada, and Tracy Hume, NWHP Regional Property Manager. Terry and Tracy expressed their interest in being good neighbours in our great community, which is W4R’s interest also.

Terry Schmitt, and Tracy Hume of NWHP, and Michelle Vincent, Lead Volunteer of Water for Riley

This week W4R volunteers checked in with Riley Park municipal neighbours

On Feb 17, 2015, before Water for Riley was named or formed, its current volunteer Project Manager sent an email to Ron Buchan, City of Calgary Parks Department, and asked if there was any possibility of getting a drinking fountain in Riley Park. Ron answered right away and he’s been answering right away ever since. In fact, Ron has shown up every time W4R has needed and invited him.

Michelle Reid, Cultural Landscape Lead in the City of Calgary Parks Department, has consulted to W4R for over a year. She has always offered good counsel and excellent ideas, and encouraged the student designers.

On June 19, 2012, W4R’s current volunteer Project Manager sent an email to Councillor Druh Farrell asking about a drinking fountain design challenge with ACAD and SAIT. Druh answered right away that: “I think it’s a great idea… I’m also sending a note to Parks, … as Riley Park is a regional park and gets a huge amount of use.” Druh, who was recently re-elected in Ward 7, provided W4R with a letter of support early in the W4R process, and has brought attention to events through her good offices.

We reported on the current status of fundraising efforts and drinking fountain fabrication. The City of Calgary has been incredibly helpful to W4R  and it’s a pleasure to work with them.

Michelle Reid, Councillor Druh Farrell, Ron Buchan, Michelle Vincent, Lead Volunteer of Water for Riley

Keeping all the communities of interest connected is one of the most positive impacts of W4R. You are part of the community.

Be part of Calgary’s public art legacy;
for Riley Park, for you, and for the future.

Donate to make this vision become reality. At the instructions to seller page, specify that your support is for Water for Riley project. The Parks Foundation issues tax receipts for donations greater than $10.00.

We invite everyone to participate as a volunteer organizer, fundraiser, donor, sponsor, or any other role. Call 403 862 1923 and leave your contact information.


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