Completions and complications

Three completions:

Design: Hopefully, you have seen ACAD student Michelle Lazo’s winning design of the drinking fountain for Riley Park, called Reflecting Blooms. Michelle envisioned five blooms. The five heights were intended to enable access for all thirsts, whether approaching the drinking bowls on paws, wheels or feet.

Plan Assist: The fabricator, Heavy Industries (HI), has almost completed the Plan Assist. HI translates Michelle’s concept into preliminary drawings. Once the City approves the drawings, HI details drawings and a 3D model from which the fountain gets built.

Another deliverable of the Plan Assist is the budget for the build. HI figures out the costs from the approved final design. While not as pretty as the Reflecting Blooms concept rendering, this is what the Plan Assist looks like in the preliminary stage:

Contract: The City of Calgary legal staff has almost approved the wording of the installation contract, which will govern the drinking fountain’s delivery to Riley Park for installation in Spring 2019.

So far, so good.

Three complications:

Unanticipated items: The mechanical engineers designing the plumbing determined that the water pressure in the line is too high for a drinking fountain. An expensive device is needed to step down the pressure. This is an unanticipated item that HI is currently sourcing. Also, the concrete pads anchoring the stems will require an engineering stamp and inspection, which is another unanticipated expense that HI is incorporating into the budget. W4R had hoped to be finished with fundraising and now awaits HI’s updated budget.

Accessibility: The original design is straight stems with steel bowls. HI and the City advise that a wheelchair or walker can’t fit under such a configuration. HI is working on an alternate configuration that will make one stem accessible.

Budget: The original concept was for five, staggered heights of functioning stems. If the updated budget exceeds what has been raised in donations, and if no further funds are available from grants or donations, the drinking fountain will have to be reduced in one of two ways.

Cost saving option 1. Build three functioning drinking fountains and two non-functioning, ornamental blooms on stems.

Cost saving option 2. Eliminate the two ornamental stems and have three functioning drinking fountains.

The conclusions:

This is the purpose of the Plan Assist – to work out these issues before the stems are built.

There will be a drinking fountain in Riley Park in the spring, 2019, with a currently unknown number of stems. Details depend on HI’s updated budget, 3D model, and signed contract between HI and the City Parks Department.

Everyone on the fabrication team is trying hard to construct this project to a limited budget. It’s hard on the volunteer committee, after so many years, to think of having to alter or reduce (or both) the winning design, which was for five elegant stems. However, it’s equally hard to continue fundraising in these challenging economic times.

We welcome ideas.

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