The new, almost guaranteed, perhaps firm, conditionally final, scheduled completion date

Team Water for Riley has now overcome every setback and obstacle; behind us are all the wrinkles and surprises. The drinking fountain in Riley Park is going to be installed this year, this season and this month. Or have I thought that before?

Team Water for Riley now has sufficient evidence of completion to offer photographic proof that backs up our optimism.

Fabrication on track

One of the stainless steel bowls on the three stems of Reflective Blooms.

The three stems of staggered height are on schedule for completion next week. The materials are on hand for the mechanics and plumbing to be added. Heavy Industries continues to provide the Project Management that integrates the other experts’ roles in the work.

The three stems of Reflective Blooms in the fabrication warehouse, 26 September, 2019.

Next steps on track

A lot of meetings, emails, document sharing, brainstorming, handwringing, and fundraising accomplished an excellent result. Team Water for Riley collaboratively solved the remaining issues. Everyone knows who does what and when, for a seamless installation. Heavy Industries’ flow chart coordinates the work of three or four City of Calgary departments, IBI Group, and Landform.

The fabrication and installation schedule shows partial completion.
There’s a clear path outlining steps to complete what remains.

On site work in Riley Park

Months of planning, research, and negotiation about paperwork will soon pay off when Landform lays the surface in which the drinking fountain will be installed. The approved surface resembles the black mat under the current playground. The paperwork is almost ready for signature, which permits the work to proceed on schedule.

The drinking fountain will rest on a black surface similar to that under the playground.
It’s safe, durable, City approved, and, most important to Water for Riley, accessible.

Last role for the community volunteers

Since summer of 2015, residents of Hillhurst Sunnyside collectively provided thousands of volunteer hours managing the Water for Riley Project. Three community foundations gave either or both financial and strategic guidance, Place2Give Foundation, The Calgary Foundation, and The Parks Foundation Calgary. Individuals donated time and money, corporations and local businesses contributed money and donations in kind. We are so proud to have these partners in our efforts. Please join us in grateful acknowledgment:

Winding up the role of the volunteer Project Manager

My volunteer job ends when the fountain works and the books balance after the last invoice is paid. For over a year, the actual project has been in the hands of Heavy Industries’ professional Project Manager, with cheerleading support from the community volunteers. Water for Riley became a professional job long ago, and the volunteers are grateful for the experts with engineering and technical skills.

How to end the project …

This is an open question. From the outset, Team Water for Riley wanted a celebration when the drinking fountain was installed and turned on for the first time. That was supposed to be the spring time, of 2017. Then the summer. Then spring of 2018. Then summer. Then the spring of 2019. Then summer. Now, it’s scheduled for early October, one month from now, and anyone in Calgary knows the weather could be spring like, summer like, autumn like, or full on winter deep freeze.

We’re open to suggestions and volunteers to help plan and organize an outdoor celebration. My role will be over by then and, after doing Water for Riley almost full time since 2015, I look forward to moving to other projects that have languished. I trust someone else will step up to do the celebratory party organizing.

Be part of Calgary’s public art legacy;
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