Planning the celebration

Something to celebrate

The drinking fountain’s delayed installation, disappointing though that is, also presents an opportunity. We have time now to put on a great celebration of our success.

Lisa Chong, Stephanie Corbett, Joanne Pawelek, and Tracy Hume met for the first time 21 October, 2019, at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association.
Rachelle Donaldson, Maddie Selby, Michelle Reid, Stephanie Corbett and Lisa Chong met 27 November, 2019, at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association and created an action plan to work on for 2020.

We brainstormed how to thank the many donors, community volunteers, major sponsors, donations in kind, partners, contributors, stakeholders and many others. We created a list of ideas for acknowledging this unique community effort.

Help plan the party

Do you want to help put on this fun event? We offer lots of scope for creativity, a chance to meet and work with wonderful people, and be recognized as a friend of the fountain.

If you are interested in an exciting volunteer opportunity, you can contribute to this legacy project. Join our team and work on some of the following tasks, as the plan evolves:

  • Work out logistics for the event and implement the plan
  • Work with the committee, within the budget for the event 
  • On SM platforms, post before the event and after it of the experiences
  • Engage with three main groups and other stakeholders:
    1. Community leagues, organizations, and informal groups that use Riley Park
    2. Corporate, local and regional
    3. Individuals
      1. Local
      2. Regional
      3. City-wide

Riley Park is so special

In other posts, we shared photos of this bench that a secret admirer decorates with seasonal ornaments. The Thanksgiving, autumnal wreath warmed our hearts. The drinking fountain belongs in this natural green treasure, which community members quietly nurture, as it nurtures them.