Drinking fountain proceeding

The installation team is ready to start

The celebration of the project is postponed. The project isn’t.


Continual snowfall, even into mid-April, and warm sun created pools of snowmelt near the children’s playground. Despite Riley Park looking like a swamp, Landform will begin preparing the site next week.

Taking care of you

Landform must comply with COVID 19 protocols. The construction will be easy to walk around and watch from a safe physical distance.

In our team meeting today, The City of Calgary Water Services staff confirmed that parks drinking fountains won’t be turned on until Public Health officials declare the COVID 19 crisis ended.

Functional to follow in the future

Ever since this project began as a grassroots, volunteer driven effort, we’ve described it as an artistic functional drinking fountain. Until it’s safe to touch shared facilities again, the drinking fountain will be only artistic.

We look forward to a morale boosting celebration when we can again gather in beautiful Riley Park.

Until then, Water for Riley wishes everyone good health.

Be part of Calgary’s public art legacy;
for Riley Park, for you, and for the future.

Donate to make this vision become reality. At the instructions to seller page, specify that your support is for The Water for Riley Project. The Parks Foundation issues tax receipts for donations greater than $10.00.

We invite everyone to participate as a volunteer, fundraiser, donor, sponsor, or any other role. Call 403 862 1923 and leave your contact information.See our story in a video http://www.waterforriley.org/2018/07/acad-w4r-video/