Four years over schedule, 100% over budget and we can’t drink from it until the COVID 19 pandemic is over.

Who says irony is dead?

On this blog site, Water for Riley documented every step, every meeting, every success, every partner and donor, every ‘I wish I’d never started this project’ moment.

Here is the last step of the fabrication stage, and, many times, I thought we’d never reach a point where that sentence is true:

Duncan from Landform started with mud in the rain
The construction site needed levelling
Landform scheduled the sod laying to take advantage of the rain
By afternoon, the sod was down and Trail had done the inspection.
The fence will stay for two weeks to give the sod time to connect with the site
The dog bowl is a little tall for a Westie, so he’ll need human help to drink.
Trail also inspected the paw pedal that will allow dogs to help themselves, if they are tall enough
When it is again safe to touch a surface that others touched, thirsty park visitors will approach the drinking fountain to enjoy clean delicious mountain water.

Water for Riley will post news of the drinking fountain water turning on whenever The City of Calgary deems it safe. We dream …

Until then, Team Water for Riley is alive and planning the celebration.

There are so many people to thank, a whole community of effort, a collection of industry experts, generous donors, and a City of helpful public employees who made this possible. I am so grateful to these donors and partners:

Everyone in these companies was invaluable in this project’s success.
In difficult economic times, please support those who support our community.

Over the five years of the project, many people volunteered time. As well as HSCA staff, especially Lisa Chong, and the members of the HSCA Planning Committee to whom Water for Riley reported, these community members volunteered their time on the planning committee:

Gena Rotstein, Natalie Bach, Jocelyn Kabatoff, Michelle Vincent, Sally Truss, Fong Ku, Lorna Cordeiro, and Diana Macdonald. I hope anyone I’ve forgotten will forgive me.

Three people kept me inspired when I almost gave up: Ron Buchan and Michelle Reid, The City of Calgary Parks Department, and Decker Butzner. And, of course, the inspiration for the project, Trail the opinionated Westie.

Now, over to Maddie Wong Selby and the events committee, it is your time to party like it’s 2019.

Gratefully, signing off for now,

Deborah Sword

Be part of Calgary’s public art legacy;

for Riley Park, for you, and for the future.

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