Penultimate step

Water for Riley’s multi-year saga has always had two completion dates.

  1. Installation of the fabricated design.
  2. The celebration of the project, which would officially open the drinking fountain and end Water for Riley.
In March, 2019, we presented this high level schedule to donors

The first milestone is almost behind us.

A yellow outline marks the shape of the rubber surface for the installers to follow.
GPI, masters of play at work
Preparing the material to apply on site
The rubber got a short ride from the truck to the site
The surface is the same as under the playground.
And then it was done.
Someday soon, the playground and drinking fountain will be open.
Well, that opening might be soonish.

The last step of the installation milestone is to remediate the site.

The first step of the celebration milestone will be announced soon.

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