Water for Riley presented at Annual General Meeting

Speaking to the bosses in public

Water for Riley has many bosses. At the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association (HSCA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 25, most of those bosses were in the room.

Water for Riley presented its successes to date at the HSCA Annual General Meeting
Lisa Chong, Community Planning Coordinator, arranged Water for Riley display at AGM

The Chair of the HSCA Board of Directors, the Executive Director, the Chair of the Community Planning Committee, Councillor Druh Farrell, and the real bosses – residents and members of the community – expressed their approval of the winning design, congratulated student designer, Michelle Lazo, and encouraged the W4R organizing committee to keep going.

HSCA members and Board discussed community sustainability and other important issues

Water for Riley, as a project, fits in the goals and mission of the HSCA and community residents. The drinking fountain aims to achieve the shared community goals of sustainability and accessibility.

Councillor Druh Farrell, centre of front row, spoke about accessibility, development and good planning for growth.

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W4R publicity and information sheet

Water for Riley moves into the spotlight

At three evening events in April, 2017, W4R is getting known beyond the local community. In preparation for the publicity, Michelle Vincent, Lead Volunteer, created this one page information sheet.

Thanks Michelle. W4R is ready for that close-up now.

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Please contribute to Riley Park’s beautiful drinking fountain project through the Parks Foundation and – at the instructions to seller page – specify that your contribution is for Water for Riley.

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W4R’s public display (of affection)

This is My City Festival going strong until April 27, 2017

Water for Riley (W4R) enjoys a long relationship with This is My City Art Society (TMC). Sally Truss, Executive Director of TMC, was at the first meeting that discussed W4R as a possibility. Sally organized and chaired the jury of experts who selected the winning drinking fountain design. Last year, before the jury made its decision, Sally arranged for the design display to be hung at Blank Page Studio.

All student designs again on display

Now, Sally has again included W4R in the 2017 TMC festival.

The 21 ACAD and SAIT student drinking fountain designs will be at the Louise Riley Branch, Calgary Public Library, for the duration of the TMC festival.

Please come to the festival and admire the students’ creativity.

photo credit Sally Truss.
photo credit Sally Truss.

W4R owes a lot to Sally, and thanks her sincerely as she departs from her TMC role to pursue her other and numerous projects.

W4R plans to keep Sally on the team. She’ll be part of the pitch, with Michelle Vincent and Michelle Lazo (the student designer), on 19 April as W4R presents its case to win audience votes.

Thanks Sally, for everything and for all you’ll continue to do with projects near to your heart.

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Water for Riley expands its network

Bureaucracy can be confusing. Necessary and confusing.

The complexity of Water for Riley (W4R) is that it involves multiple municipal departments, such as Public Art, Heritage, Parks, Water Services, and Roads, and our elected City Councillor. W4R has been blessed with the quality of civic employees who have joined the W4R network. The W4R team includes competent and helpful City of Calgary staff.

Today, April 6, W4R volunteers met with another department. Not only did it enlarge W4R’s network of helpful City employees, the volunteers got a tour of the amazing Gold LEED building that sets a high standard of environmental sustainability in Calgary.

Amy Ross, Water Resources, and Michelle Vincent, W4R lead volunteer.

While on the tour, the art team gave an answer to the question: is the drinking fountain for Riley Park an art project or a functional project? “It sits in different worlds at the same time,” said Tristan Surtees. That answer sounds right.

Art team, Water Services

Later, the W4R volunteers changed roles to meet with the Calgary Foundation coach for Pitch Night. Priscilla Ng, Advisor, Donations, Royal Bank of Canada, gave so many great tips for how to pitch W4R to the voting audience on April 19. Between now and the pitch, W4R will be in overdrive in preparation and getting votes.

Priscilla Ng and Michelle Vincent enjoy Riley Park while discussing tips about pitching Water for Riley.
Priscilla is coach extraordinaire.

Call 403 862 1923 to get involved as another W4R volunteer. Click the link to donate to The Parks Foundation Calgary, and designate your gift to The Water for Riley Project. Tax receipts are issued.


Water for Riley in a grant contest

Hot off the press news

On 19 April, 2017, Water for Riley (W4R) will compete for a $10,000.00 Calgary Foundation, Soul of the City Neighbour Grant. As soon as the audience votes, the five winners will be announced.

Please buy a ticket to attend,
stay for the vote and support Water for Riley

Now, here are the details

W4R is honoured to be one of ten contestants in the Soul of the City pitch event. Grants will be awarded to the five groups with the most votes. W4R would so appreciate your support.

Thanks also to the CF, which has been a valued and appreciated W4R partner and supporter from the start. CF will supply food for attendees.

Please come and vote for Water for Riley.

Date: 19 April, 2017
Time: from 4:30 to 7:45 PM.
Location: John Dutton Theatre, Calgary Public Library,  downtown branch,
616 Macleod Trail S.E.
Calgary, AB T2G 2M2

Please buy your ticket for the event,
support Water for Riley with your vote

W4R’s volunteer fundraising committee is hard at work, doing its homework, collecting stories and preparing its prize winning presentation.

The Calgary Foundation describes this event:

Join us for the Soul of the City Neighbour Grants pitch night.

Hosted by crowd-favourite emcee Andrew Phung, 10 Neighbour Grant finalist groups will pitch their big ideas to the audience and a panel of “friendly dragons”. The audience will then vote and select the top 5 community groups to each receive a $10,000 Soul of the City Neighbour Grant, provided by Calgary Foundation and RBC Foundation.

This is our fourth annual Soul of the City Neighbour Grants pitch night and the event is always joyful and inspiring. Please join in. Your vote matters.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
4:30 p.m – 7:45 p.m.
John Dutton Theatre – Central Library


Your vote matters to W4R.
Please buy your ticket, come to the event,
and vote for Water for Riley

Nature’s own water in Riley Park

Water for Riley couldn’t resist posting pictures of the swamp that is Riley Park in Calgary’s lovely springtime. This is not the water source that Water for Riley had in mind for drinking.

Ah, spring thaw in Riley Park, March 25, 2017, get your raft and hip waders.

However, it’s great for kids in gumboots taking a very long time getting to Hillhurst School through the puddles, and for ducks, who were seen swimming on the cricket pitch. It’s also adding a layer of silt to the undersides of dogs.

Short legs + spring thaw = one muddy dog.

Families are just so happy to see spring, they’re happily sloshing through the muck to the playground.

Sun’s out and so are the Riley Park fans.

Help bring actual drinking water to Riley Park. Donate through the Parks Foundation, and designate your contribution to Water for Riley project.

Call 403 862 1923 to volunteer with the other fun people who are making it possible to plant Reflective Blooms in our lovely Riley Park.

World Water Day, 2017

Happy World Water Day

This Globe and Mail story captures the reasons Water for Riley believes in public drinking fountains, and the importance of access to drinking water in public spaces.

Celebrate Water every day

Here’s an excerpt of the article, which should be read in full. Thank you, Globe and Mail and Corey Mintz.

“Stuck on the bottle”



“… people actually paid for water taken from public sources and put into disposable bottles.

… That’s nuts.

Most Canadians have access to free-flowing tap water that’s clean, fresh and safe. So why, wonders Corey Mintz, does the bottled water industry make $2.5-billion in annual sales?

Most Canadians have perfectly good water pouring out of our taps, and drinking it doesn’t require the wasteful practice of shipping plastic bottles around the country or world.  …

March 22 is World Water Day, so it seemed like a good time to consider why we spend billions every year on a product that is virtually free for most. … Here’s a short list of reasons why people in Canada are – or aren’t – drinking bottled water right now.

Because: It’s a fashion statement

Because: It’s forbidden

In 2009, Bundanoon, Australia, became the first municipality in the world to ban the sale of single-use bottled water, followed by Concord, Mass., in 2013 (the ban is still in effect in both towns). Around the world, dozens of campuses have eliminated bottled water for sale. …

Because: Public access is limited

My neighbourhood park has a water fountain, but it doesn’t work. For Mike Nagy of Wellington Water Watchers, that broken fountain is indicative of a larger problem: that fewer and fewer public facilities provide free water, and fewer and fewer people expect it.

Because: They fear tap water

Some people drink bottled water for aspirational reasons, but others believe it’s safer than tap. Well, Health Canada is in charge of such things and states that the quality standards of tap and bottled water are “similar.”

No government body is in charge of testing bottled water, which is classified as food and subject to the Food and Drugs Act.

Because: It’s a necessity

For Indigenous people in Canada, drinkable tap water is too often unavailable: There are 618 First Nations in the country and on any given day, 150 of them are under a Boil Water Advisory. …

… The truth is, to drink the bottled stuff when one has access to clean tap water is simply indefensible – financially unsound, environmentally wasteful and just plain wrong.”

You can be part of the solution. Help plant this beautiful and functional drinking fountain in Riley Park.  Water for Riley celebrates public access to drinking water, supports public art, promotes outdoor activity, and helps create a sustainable local environment.

Reflecting Blooms is the winning design.

Call 403 862 1923 to get involved. Click the link to donate to The Parks Foundation Calgary, and designate your gift to The Water for Riley Project. Tax receipts are issued.


Start of the coordination team

Not often are meetings described as “great” but Water for Riley volunteers agreed. That was a great meeting on March 9, 2017.

The coordination team gathered to discuss how to build and install the drinking fountain, Reflecting Blooms.

Elvin Karpovich (IBI) Gregory Courage (Heavy Industries) Garrett Newman (IBI) Michelle Reid (City of Calgary) Michelle Vincent, (Water for Riley volunteer)

Setting the tone, Michelle Reid summarized Riley Park’s importance as Calgary’s best example of an historic cultural landscape.

In other words, Riley Park is very distinctly of its time, 1910 and 1920s. Riley Park would look quite different if it were a modern park. Thus, the City does not want Riley Park to look like an ordinary park. Riley Park must be distinguishable yet compatible with and subordinate to the landscape of rolling hills that mark Calgary’s natural features.

Wow, that’s a demanding framework Water for Riley must respect. Fortunately, the jury’s choice of winning design does that. As Michelle Reid concluded, ““It’s amazing that the students were so successful in designing their drinking fountains, considering how complicated intervening in historic landscapes can be.” Michelle’s comments made Water for Riley very proud of the ACAD and SAIT student designers.

With that context, the experts from IBI Group and Heavy Industries coordinated the work to be done. There’s an early phased plan to obtain approvals, create preliminary drawings, and prepare design templates. The processes to fund raise, build, and install the drinking fountain are tentatively mapped and the first round of tasks assigned.

Michelle Lazo, the winning designer, will have the opportunity to work with these wonderful experts as part of her award. Together, they will turn her designer’s concept into a reality.

To be part of this exciting project, call 403 862 1923. Help build the drinking fountain so that the future looks like history in this unique, historic, natural jewel.

Click the link and let the Parks Foundation know you want your donation to go to Water for Riley.


Louise Riley ‘hosts’ Water for Riley

Exciting news from Water for Riley’s partner
This Is My City Art Society (TMC)

Water for Riley is honoured to again be part of TMC city-wide festival from April 3 to 28, 2017. Sally Truss, a founding member of Water for Riley’s organizing committee, is curating all 21 amazing ACAD and SAIT student drinking fountain designs.

Sally Truss, Executive Director, This Is My City Art Society

The exhibit will be installed at – appropriately – the Louise Riley Branch of the Calgary Public Library. Water for Riley is proud to continue Calgary’s longstanding connection to the Riley Family.

In 1910, Ezra Riley donated the land that became Riley Park. His daughter, Margaret Louise, was a children’s librarian and author. The Louise Riley Library is named for her.

The Louise Riley Branch is easily accessible from the Lions Park C-Train station and many Calgary Transit buses.

Here is the link to the TMC Festival 2017. Check it out.


To become involved with Water for Riley call 403 862 1923.

To donate to making the drinking fountain a reality, click on the button and let the Parks Foundation know that your donation is for the Water for Riley project. 

More expertise joins Water for Riley volunteers

Three brilliant new resources for Water for Riley

New people have come forward to help move Water for Riley towards the goal of a drinking fountain in Riley Park. Thank you; the community and City thrive with volunteers.

Michelle Vincent, who recently moved into the heart of Kensington, is the new genius behind the fundraising efforts. Stay tuned for news about events.

Michelle is the new lead in phase four of the W4R process.

Another contact is Rachael Seupersad, Superintendent of Public Art with the City of Calgary. At a meeting with W4R on March 1, 2017, Rachael offered wonderful ideas for achieving W4R goals.

Ideas flowed like water when Gena Rotstein, CEO of Place2Give Foundation and Rachael Seupersad, Superintendent of Public Art, met with W4R volunteers.

Rachael also asked a great question: Is the winning design public art or is it a public drinking fountain? We say it’s both.

What do you think? Is it art or is it just for drinking water or is it more than both of those labels?

Next, W4R volunteers met on March 13, 2017, with Patti Pon, President and CEO of Calgary Arts Development. Patti had many useful leads and suggestions, all of which W4R can implement immediately.

Gena, CEO of and Patti Pon, President & CEO of Calgary Arts Development

More importantly, Patti inspired us to continue the intensive community engagement approach, because W4R exemplifies her definition: “Community engagement is a way of being not something you do.”

To get involved with W4R, call 403 862 1923. To help make the drinking fountain a reality, donate through the Parks Foundation Calgary, and let it know that your donation is for the Water for Riley project.