Huge, fantastic fundraising news

In the midst of an economic downturn wasn’t the best timing to raise money in Calgary. But, when we started Water for Riley a barrel of oil sold for almost $100 and money flowed with it. Not any more!

We are, therefore, so very grateful to receive news today that one of our grant applications has succeeded. It means we are, suddenly, about half way to our fundraising goal. More importantly, it reinforces a specific message: We are trusted to connect Riley Park’s neighbours who had never collaborated before.

Thanks from the Water for Riley volunteers

The Calgary Foundation was the first money in and made us believe we could do this project. Others also see the value of this project to our wellbeing and community spirit. With one of the inspiring student drinking fountain designs in our Riley Park, we will attract visitors and perhaps temporary sculpture gardens as an economic boost to Kensington. Anything feels possible right now as we celebrate the news.

We’re very grateful to The Calgary Foundation, the first grantor to believe in our vision, and now to the Community Facilities Enhancement Program for supporting the efforts.

Where to from here?

The jury will soon select the student design to be built. With this new and significant donation we can ask a fabricator for the cost to build whichever unique design the jury selects from our student drinking fountain designs. Only then will we know how much more money has to be raised.

The letter from the Government of Alberta congratulated Water for Riley for … well, here’s the letter with the sentiment, which we appreciate.

award letter


Next item: pick the selected design;

After that: find out what it costs to build that design;

In conclusion: raise the balance to construct and install the fountain.

CELEBRATE (sometime soon) coming to Riley Park, a beautiful functional drinking fountain and an outstanding opening ceremony!! Stay tuned.

To participate in Water for Riley, email, or call 403 862 1923.

To donate through the Parks Foundation, click in the button and specify your contribution is for the Water for Riley.donate button

Student designers get a showcase

To pick one highlight is hard since the entire Water for Riley experience has been outstanding. Would it be the excitement of planning, the delight of collaborating with a terrific group of fun volunteers, the rush when supporters say they’ve wanted a project like this for decades, or maybe building bridges among those wonderful people – hmmm, which one was the highlight?

Let’s go with this past Monday, at Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD), in the first year 3D Object Design course, when the student designers gathered for photographs in front of the wall displaying their drinking fountain designs. Yes; peak experience indeed.
Special thanks to instructor Kerry Harmer for assigning the drinking fountain as a class project, mentoring the student designers to impressive results, and facilitating our attending the class events.
Kerry Harmer, course instructor, 3D Object Design
Kerry Harmer, course instructor, 3D Object Design
Alison Miyauchi, Associate VP, Research + Academic Affairs, congratulated the students for their creative bridging from the college to the community.
Alison Miyauchi, Associate VP, Research + Academic Affairs
Alison Miyauchi, Associate VP, Research + Academic Affairs
JoAnn Reynolds, External Communications, ably directed the short presentation event and wrote an article.
JoAnn Reynolds, External Communications
JoAnn Reynolds, External Communications
The Calgary Foundation‘s Community Engagement Associate, the ever helpful Julie Black, brought greetings from Water for Riley’s major donor to date.
Julie Black, Calgary Foundation
Julie Black, Calgary Foundation
Myra Miller, Major Gifts Officer, and Kara Tersen, Director of Philanthropy + Communications, were the guiding hands behind the scenes.
Kara Tersen, Director of Philanthropy + Communications
Kara Tersen, Director of Philanthropy + Communications

Myra Miller, Major Gifts Officer

Myra Miller, Major Gifts Officer

And then, the big reveal:
Students learned The Calgary Foundation awarded its Neighbours Grant to ACAD on Water for Riley’s behalf. With high fives, applause and fist bumps, students reacted in what they later described as “elation” at the recognition of their efforts. When they lined up in front of the designs pinned to the wall, it was, well, elation for us too.

Here are the student designers, elated, and then in front of their creations.

Students in 3D Object Design class react to Calgary Foundation award
Students in 3D Object Design class react to Calgary Foundation award

designers & designs

The student designers pose proudly in front of the prints of their unique designs

The news gets better: future showcases for the student designers’ impressive talent

Water for Riley has four or five, possibly six, display venues in the new year. The displays will give everyone a chance to see and interact with the designs, and leave comments.

Watch this blog for announcements on the dates and locations. Don’t wait for that  before getting involved with Water for Riley.

Be part of it. Join the movement; help Riley Park attain a public drinking fountain, for future generations. Click the button to donate to make donate buttonthis wonderful, artistic drinking fountain become reality. Specify your support is for Water for Riley project.

We invite everyone to participate as a volunteer organizer, fundraiser, donor, sponsor, or any other role. Call 403 862 1923 and leave your contact information.