The 21 designs are ready for their close up

27 student designers (19 from Alberta College of Art + Design‘s first year Object Design class and eight from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology‘s Capstone Projects) were challenged to design an artistic drinking fountain for Riley Park.

One design will be chosen for installation near Riley Park’s popular children’s playground.

On April 7, 2016, all 21 designs debut together.

Tell us what you like about each design when you visit the exhibit at Blank Page Studio (1221B Kensington Road NW, Calgary, 2nd floor, entrance left of the mural) as part of This Is My City logos as of 2016-04-06Follow Water for Riley for updates: Twitter @waterforriley
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Purposes of the Water for Riley Project:

Riley Park’s nine hectares boast a cricket pitch, playground, wading pool, wooded areas, gorgeous memorial gardens, and open areas for rest, sports and picnics. Riley Park encourages activities for children. Yet Riley Park lacks facilities, such as drinking water. As an historic jewel among Calgary’s parks, Riley Park deserves an artistic drinking fountain. The volunteer committee believes success comes from community and builds community.

The Water for Riley Project is based on five principles:

  1. Health: Thirsty visitors must leave, or bring bottled, sweet, or caffeinated drinks. Safe, sustainably delivered water on site shows a caring, welcoming community.
  2. Environment: Discarded disposable cups and bottles litter the trash, bushes, and fence line. It’s an unsustainable waste of resources when a fountain would refill reusable containers.
  3. Community building: This project brings together the park’s neighbours for the first time in a century. The Hillhurst/Sunnyside Community Association, Hillhurst School, This Is My City Art Society, City of Calgary, local businesses and residents are involved. ACAD and SAIT students experienced a design challenge the Calgary Foundation funded.
  4. Economic well-being: Attractions attract. The Kensington businesses work hard to make our community a visitors’ destination. An artistic drinking fountain supports that goal.
  5. Other collective benefits of this project to our community and Calgary include:
  • connect people to place in an inner city destination,
  • increase energy for volunteerism and community engagement,
  • facilitate being in nature in a dense urban space and increase environmental awareness,
  • share knowledge of Riley Park as a designated historic resource,
  • inspire students,
  • encourage eyes on the street and crime reduction with families in the park,
  • join the international Blue Community Framework of water as a human right
  • the thrill of beautiful design instead of a concrete block public drinking fountain.





For the first time: all 21 fountain designs exhibited

this is my city logoANNOUNCING THIS IS MY CITY FESTIVAL 2016 kick off Thursday, April 7, continuing to April 24

Water for Riley is so proud to be a PARTNER PROJECT  @  THIS IS MY CITY FESTIVAL

Water for Riley Design Exhibit

A true community project, inspired by the need for access to drinking water for all Riley Park visitors, this exhibit showcases 21 innovative and playful designs from students of ACAD and SAIT for a much-needed, new public water fountain for Riley Park.

In May, these designs will be vetted – first by a community-based jury, then IBI Group and the City of Calgary – before one design is chosen for further development and construction near the children’s playground in Riley Park.

See all the 21 designs together for the first time!

Share your comments, impressions and your own stories of Calgary’s wonderful Riley Park.

@ Blank Page Studio April 7 – 24

Collaborators: Hillhurst/Sunnyside Community Association, area businesses, local individuals, students and staff of Hillhurst School, faculty and students of ACAD and SAIT, This Is My City, and The Calgary Foundation.

And you: help make the fountain a reality for Riley Park, call 403 862 1923 or email  to participate, and click here to donate through the Parks Foundation. Specify your donation is for Water for Riley.

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